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2019-20 Financial Aid Underload Adjustment Request Form

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1. You may be eligible to take fewer than 12 credit hours in a single semester with approval. This process is commonly referred to as “underloading”. You will typically get approval from offices such as academic advising or undergraduate retention.

2. A student’s election to underload can affect the level of financial aid funding available in the underloaded semester.

3. In an underloaded semester, the tuition, fees, and textbook portions of a student’s financial aid funding are adjusted downward to reflect the reduced charges and credit hours, but living expense items (e.g. housing, meals, travel, etc.) remain the same.

4. Students who enroll in less than 6 hours may be ineligible for federal financial aid.

5. This form should only be completed by students committed to taking an underload, NOT students who are evaluating their options. Your aid will not be adjusted until your enrollment matches the number of hours listed on this form. You should only submit this form once you are sure of the number of credit hours you will be taking.

6. Students who have questions regarding the underload process should contact The Office of Scholarships and Student Aid prior to completing this form.

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